Meeting Agenda and Dates

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Thursday, November 2, 2017
10:00 AM @ Juab DO, 346 E 600 N, Nephi, UT
 1   Welcome President – Superintendent Shannon Dulaney 10:00am
Approval of Minutes
President – Superintendent Shannon Dulaney 10:05am
 3 STEM Action Center Tami Goetz 10:10am
 4 USBE Update TBD 10:25am
 5 Utah State Board of Education Update Scott Neilson 10:40am
 6 UETN Update Laura Hunter 10:55am
 7 Poverty/Equalization Ray Terry 11:10am
 8 USSA Update Terry Shoemaker 11:25am
 9 Rural Study Update - West Ed. Duke Mossman 11:40am
10 Rural Caucus Draft Agenda President – Superintendent Shannon Dulaney 11:55am
  a. Snow College/Rural Caucus President Carlston  
11 Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship Program President Carlston 12:10pm
12 Utah Rural Schools Association President – Superintendent Shannon Dulaney 12:25pm
  a. Bylaws Update Approval    
  b. URSA Structure Update    
  c. District Association Fee    
  d. Additional Meeting - January/USBE    
  e. URSA Facebook Page    
12 Rural Schools Conference Discussion   12:40pm
  a. URSA Summer Conference Rotation Schedule - Action Item  
13 Board Dialog   12:50pm
  a. Washington DC - AESA Conference Report  
  b. NESS Funding Report  
  c. Rural Service Center Funding  
  d. ARL/APT Update  
  e. Juvenile Justice HB249  
  f. Roundtable  

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Board Meetings:

  • Thursday February 8,  2018 - @ Utah State Capital, East Senate Bldg, Kletting Room, TBA